High School Course Schedules

The High School program is designed to carry out WVA's mission by helping young students in grades 9-10 acquire knowledge and skills through conversation, discovery, and deep understanding. We strive to inspire in each student a love of learning, self knowledge, and meaningful community membership in each student.

The curriculum designed at WVA has high academics that exceed the State Standards.

WVA will extend its offerings to include grades 9-10 in the year of 2025.

  • WVA offers math classes from Math 5, PreAlgebra, Algebra, Geometry to Algebra 2, PreCalculus and Calculus.
  • WVA offers science classes from Intro to Physics, Intro to Biology/Chemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Honor Physics (AP Physics 1+2).
  • Students will be placed in the math class according to their math placement tests, not their grades.
  • The schedule may subject to minor changes.


For detailed course descriptions and the pathway along with different grades, please check the complete Academic Course Catalog.

For more about our support for competitions at WVA, please check the Competition Programs

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