Awards & Achievements


  • National NASA STEM Competition the Techrise Student Challenge:

    A group of WVA 8th graders were one of 60 teams selected as winners in the national NASA STEM Competition, specifically the Techrise Student Challenge. Kudos to the WVA eighth graders Joseph Liang, Roushil Satta, Anika Malyavanatham, John Kong, Keshav Karumbunathan (from left to right) and their teacher Mr. Dupuis! Best of luck to them as they proceed to the next stage. You can check out the coverage on KATU2 TV by clicking here.

  • 2023-2024 MathCounts State Competition:

    Remarkably, the WVA MathCounts Team achieved a three-peat by winning the Oregon State MathCounts Championship for the third year in a row! 🏆🎉 Their consistent excellence is truly commendable! 🌟

    Congratulations to John for clinching victory in the countdown round and securing the fifth position statewide! Additionally, congratulations to Joseph for claiming the third spot and Keshav for an impressive second-place finish!

    A special shoutout goes to Coach Manny Norse, who will lead Oregon's team in the national competition. This opportunity arises from the first-place performance of WVA’s team, comprised of Anika, John, Joseph, and Keshav. Well done to all!

    Thank you to Mr. Dupuis who has supported the MathCounts program for all interested students and served as co-coach this year!

  • 2024 Northwest Science Expo:

    On Apr. 05, 2004, four of our students proudly represented WVA at the Northwest Science Expo. Congratulations to Albert, Anushi, Jayden, and Jenna for the outstanding work they put into their research projects and preparing a presentation for judges. A special congratulations goes out to Jayden and Anushi for receiving an honorable mention in their categories. Finally, congratulations to Albert Liu for earning 2nd place in engineering, earning the US Air Force Outstanding Project and Naval Excellence awards and earning a nomination for the Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge 2024 national competition!


  • 2022-2023 MathCounts National Competition:

    The 2023 Oregon National MathCounts team achieved a commendable 17th rank in the National MathCounts competition held on May 12, 2023. You may check the National Mathcounts Final Standings here: Here are a few snapshots capturing moments from the event.

  • 2022-2023 MathCounts State Competition:

    During the weekend of March 11th, The WVA MathCounts Team continued their winning streak, clinching the Oregon State MathCounts Championship for the second consecutive year. Among the top 8 performers in the event, WVA students secured an impressive six spots. A big congratulations goes out to Anshul, Vihaan P., Keshav, John, Anika, Nathan, and our 6th grade of Anushi for their outstanding performances, highlighting their dedication and hard work.

    The top 4 performers from the state Mathcounts competition are selected as 2023 MathCounts National team. This year, WVA celebrates the inclusion of 3 of its students in the National team. Join us in showing our support for our National Qualifiers: Vihaan P., John, and Keshav. They are gearing up for the National competition and are under the guidance of our national team Coach of Mr. Manny Norse as they prepare for this next challenge.

  • 2022-2023 MathCounts Chapter Competition:

    The WVA MathCounts Team won first place in the 2023 MathCounts Chapter Competition, which was held on Saturday, Feb 18, 2023. The WVA MathCounts team members are Anshul Mantri, Vihaan Paliwal, John Kong, Keshav Karumbunatha. In addition, four more students advanced to MathCounts State Competition individually: Anushi Mittal, Anika Malyavanatham, Theodore Wang and Nathan Ye.

  • 2022-2023 Oregon ARML Competition:

    Coach Manny Norse organized 2 Oregon ARML teams this year. WVA has 4 current students and 2 alumni joined the ARML team. On June 3rd, 115 teams and over 1600 students from the United States, Canada, Honduras and South Korea competed in the 2023 ARML competition One Oregon ARML team won the 3rd place of Division B. Congratulations to the team! Here are a few snapshots capturing moments from the event.

  • 2022-2023 NWSE Science Fair:

    WVA had 4 students attended the NWSE Science Fair on Friday April 21st, 2023. They did wonderfully. The NWSE Science Fair Awards our student won:

    • Anushi Mittal won first place in the Computer Science and Robotics section. She also won the Tom Owen Award in Excellence in Statistics.
    • Albert Liu won second place in the Engineering section. He also won the Outstanding Project by a 5th Grade Student.
    • Anika Malyavanatham won first place in the Medicine and Health Sciences section.
    • And all 3, Anika, Anushi, and Albert won ThermoFisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge
  • ACSL Contests 2022-2023 - Engaging Minds in Computer Science:

    In this academic year, WVA took the initiative to establish its very own junior team for the American Computer Science League (ACSL) competitions. As a result, WVA students had the option to participate in the ACSL contests through either the WVA junior team or the ACSL Elementary team represented by Sunshine Elite.

    It brings us immense pride to share that for the second consecutive year, both the ACSL Elementary team and the Junior team from Sunshine Elite secured the coveted first place at the Oregon State level. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to these exceptional teams!

    In addition to team achievements, we would like to highlight some remarkable individual performances on the national stage during the ACSL Finals:

    • Keshav Karumbunathan: Gold Award, ACSL Finals 2023 Junior Contest
    • Anshul Mantri: Bronze Award, ACSL Finals 2023 Junior Contest
    • Andy Xiong: Silver Award, ACSL Finals 2023 Elementary Contest
    • Meera Amin: Bronze Award, ACSL Finals 2023 Elementary Contest
  • AMC 8/10 Competition and AIME qualifiers:

    The AMC competitions continue to be a cherished endeavor for WVA students, igniting their passion and determination. During the 2022-2023 academic year, 10 WVA students challenged themselves with the AMC 8 test, while 7 students dared to take on the AMC 10 test. Below, we celebrate the accomplishments and accolades earned by WVA students:

    • Ryan Zhang: Certificate of Achievement in AMC 8
    • Anika M.: Honor Roll of Distinction in AMC 8
    • Vihaan P.: Honor Roll of Distinction in AMC 8
    • John Kong: Honor Roll of Distinction in AMC 8, AIME Qualifier
    • Anshul Mantri: Honor Roll of Distinction in AMC 8, AIME Qualifier
    • Keshav Karumbunathan: Honor Roll of Distinction in AMC 8, AIME Qualifier


  • 2021-2022 MathCounts State Competitions:

    WVA MathCounts Team, led by Mr. Manny Norse, secured the Oregon State MathCounts Championship in their inaugural year in March, 2022. Heartfelt congratulations to the team for this outstanding accomplishment in its inaugural year! The WVA MathCounts team members are: Anay Aggarwal, Andrew Su, David Kong and John Kong.

  • 2021-2022 MathCounts Chapter Competitions:

    In the highly competitive MathCounts Chapter event held in Washington County, which is renowned as one of the most challenging math competitions in Oregon, WVA proudly fielded a team of 10 students. Remarkably, 6 of our talented students achieved a place within the top 10 of the Chapter MathCounts event, earning them a well-deserved entry into the esteemed Oregon State MathCounts competition. The 6 WVA students are: Anay Aggarwal, Andrew Su, David Kong, John Kong, Vihaan Paliwal, and Anika Malyavanatham. The Washington County Chapter Award Ceremony took place on May 12, 2022, hosted at the Sunshine Elite Education classroom.

  • 2021-2022 ACSL, American Computer Science League Contests:

    WVA students joined the ACSL contests in the 2021-2022 school year via the ACSL elementary and Junior teams hosted by Sunshine Elite Education. Both teams won the Oregon State first place. Congratulations to the teams!