Academic Competition Programs

This is the most unique program we offer to our students at WVA. As an opportunity to be challenged to excel and achieve, each students at WVA may choose 2 competition tracks to join. Along the years, we provide fundamental trainings and also advanced competitive trainings in the following 4 areas:

Math Competition: Starting from the Math Olympiad Competition in 5th grade, students will complete the middle school math competition training for AMC 8 and MathCounts. To promote a competitive nature, we offer AoPS math from PreAlgebra, Algebra, and Geometry to Intermediate Algebra. Upon successfully finishing these classes, students will be ready to take the math competition challenge for AIME and USAJMO.

Science Competition: Starting from Science Olympiad in 5th grade, students will journey through Middle School Science Bowl, Science Olympiad and the other science competitions. We also have advanced Physics and Chemistry classes to prepare students to be more competitive at the high school level competition such as USPhO or USNCO.

Programming Competition: Students start to learn Python programming in 5th grade. Our ACSL programming contest teams begin with the elementary division and continue through the ACSL programming contest for junior division. By 8th grade, the strongest students may go up to the ACSL programming senior division contest and be ready to challenge USACO in 9th grade.

Writing Publish/Competitive Debate: We provide a series of speech/debate courses and organized debate activities outside the classroom to prepare interested students for the high school debate team. Our writing teachers provide resources and encourage students to publish their writing and enter writing competitions throughout the year.