Faculty & Staff

WVA School Board Members

  • Manny Norse - Chairman. With over 30 years of experience in education and a Master's degree in Math, Mr. Norse specializes in math and math competitions. He has served as the coach for the Oregon State Mathcounts Championship team for many years, consistently leading the top 4 students in Oregon to compete at the national MathCounts competition. Mr. Norse's expertise in math and his dedication to helping students excel in competitions has made him an exceptional educator and invaluable asset to the education community.
  • Purushottam Goel - With over 20 years of experience in hi-tech companies and a specialization in Physics and Computer Sciences, Dr. Goel has homeschooled his two sons who achieved high honors in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) and International Physics Olympiad (IPho). Dr. Goel is passionate about tutoring motivated students for the USA Physics Olympiad (USAPhO) and USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) competitions, using his extensive knowledge and experience to help students excel in these challenging competitions.
  • Ellen Zhou - With 15 years of experience working in hi-tech companies and 7 years dedicated to education, Mrs. Zhou possesses a strong passion for education and has dedicated herself to developing educational programs that cultivate a supportive environment for motivated students seeking to engage in significant pursuits beyond the traditional school classroom.
  • Nurbaya Lesmana - A senior accountant with expertise in accounting and finance management.

Head of School

  • Ellen Zhou - Principal. With 15 years of experience in hi-tech companies and 7 years of experience in education, Mrs. Zhou has dedicated herself to building a top STEM school in Oregon. Her expertise in both the technology industry and education field has enabled her to develop a unique vision for the school that emphasizes a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Mrs. Zhou's commitment to excellence has made her an invaluable leader in the field of education.
  • Connor Nelson - Academic Director. Connor Nelson holds a master's degree from Pacific University, specializing in STEM. With a remarkable tenure of over 10 years, he has served as a dedicated math teacher in the BSD SUMMA program. In addition, over the past two years, Connor has undertaken specialized assignments in STEM program development and teacher training, showcasing his commitment to advancing STEM education.

Faculty & Staff

  • Joanne Rees - An experienced educator with over 25 years of experience working with students in and out of the classroom. For the past 17 years, she has taught math in the Beaverton School District, specializing in higher-level math within the Summa program for the last 14 years. In addition, she has spent three years doing graduate-level work with the Oregon Mathematics Leadership Institute. Her dedication to teaching and expertise in math have made her an asset to the education community.
  • Christopher Dupuis - Holding an M.S. degree in Physics, Christopher Dupuis is in the final stages of completing his Ph.D. research, which has been dedicated to the realm of Astrophysics. With a comprehensive academic foundation, he brings forth a wealth of practical knowledge garnered from instructing various levels of mathematics and physics courses.
  • Kyle Golden - Bachelor of Science in Biology. Kyle Golden is a dedicated and passionate educator with a strong commitment to nature-focused learning, fostering a profound connection with the natural world while imparting essential skills in science.
  • Pamela Robinson - Bachelor's degree in Education and an endorsement in Mathematics. She brings with her over 20 years of teaching experience at public middle schools.
  • Brenda Andrus - Master's degree in English, specializing in Reading, Literary Reading & Analytical Writing, and SSAT/SAT Test Preparation.
  • Julie Hlad - PhD in English, specializing in Reading, Essay Writing/Grammar, History, and SAT Test Preparation. Dr. Hlad has rich experience in teaching different levels of Humanities from middle school to high school.
  • Shilpa Sharma - Master's degree in Math & Computer Science and Mrs. Sharma brings with her experience as a college teacher and Hi-Tech professional. Her area of specialization is in Coding, Python/Java/C Programming, and Contests.
  • Zhenjing Zhang - Master of Chinese language teaching reading, writing, and verbal communication.
  • Keith Mortimer - Skilled and dedicated athletic coach with over 25 years of experience teaching P.E., coaching school sports teams, and serving as Athletic Director.