Our Experience

Our Experience

Note in Dec. 2020, starting WVA school

After implementing eight years of academic programs at Sunshine Elite Education, we've witnessed remarkable academic achievements among our students. Each year we consistently see our rising 9th graders skip AGS III math in summer and score 1350+ on the PSAT/SAT tests. In 2020, more than 10 students in Sunshine Elite MathCounts classes participated in the state competition and three of them got into the national MathCounts competition. Many students achieved outstanding certificates on the AMC 8/AMC 10 tests. Our ACSL Programming Elementary team debuted nationally ranked at No. 7 in its inaugural year, and our ACSL Programming Elementary and Junior teams are currently getting ready for the 2020-2021 year competition.

We are proud of our motivated, hard-working students and we are grateful for our engaged and supportive parents. Sunshine has created a strong curriculum and supportive environment to support our students to be academically successful beyond the typical school requirements. We built a strong team of inspiring, challenging, caring teachers who are leaders in their fields and who love teaching.

However, we also have been seeing a lot of students wasting time in school due to the low-standard academic curriculum, inefficient teaching, and incorrect math placement. We planned on opening a new private school for a long time to solve the problem. We feel the urgency to start now since students and schools have been negatively affected by COVID-19. We believe our school will immediately benefit students who want to engage in significant pursuits beyond the normal school classroom.

By starting the new school, we will provide the opportunity to our motivated and talented students to be challenged to excel and achieve beyond what they believe is possible.